Mel has been teaching riders of all disciplines for over 20 years now, from grassroots to advanced level.


Whether you just ride for leisure or specialise in dressage, show jumping or eventing, every horse needs to be a “riding horse” first and respond to the rider’s aids at all times.  The rider needs to have a good understanding of the psychological and physiological needs of the horse to make it all come together.


Mel’s training aim is that the rider truly understands why he is doing what he is doing and why the horse is doing what he is doing (or not).  This allows everyone to “troubleshoot” by themselves at home rather than aimlessly “regurgitating” the lesson without concept.


If I tell you more leg or more outside rein or this or that and you don’t know why you are doing it, you are going to be just as clever as before the lesson (and poorer).  But if you know WHY you are giving every little signal, you will start to communicate with your horse without me being there”.  (Mel every day)


You can bring your horse to Hall Court and make use of our fully mirrored arena, however be prepared for “not always politically correct language” …:)


Mel’s training approach is lighthearted, fun and informative.  So no one should ever think they are “not good enough” to have a lesson!


Our clients can now also benefit from the vast experience of Grand Prix rider Matt Burnett, who is also available for lessons at Hall Court.  He is not only providing our clients with a “different pair of eyes” but also gives everyone the opportunity to learn from a trainer who has competed at the highest level.



After many years of handling and riding young horses, including a fair share of tricky ones, Mel knows what it is like to be worried or apprehensive at times and can therefore empathise well with nervous riders. Improving the communication between horse and rider will reduce the unpredictability of certain situations and build up trust and confidence. Give it a go!




Mel’s passion is to “rehabilitate” horses that have learned unwanted behaviour, either on the ground or under the saddle. Vices like napping, rearing, bolting or bucking always have a reason, even if it is sometimes hard to comprehend to us humans. Rather than using the common violent approach, Mel uses her knowledge of equine psychology to help horse and rider to regain common ground. Get ready for big smiles again.. :)))



Riding your horse at a busy competition can be an entirely different business than training at home, so if you require some help and advice at local competitions, Mel can come and warm you up and offer “emotional support” so you are not all by yourself “out there”.



If you have a horse that prefers travelling on foot to entering a horsebox or trailer, give Mel a call and she can help you to solve this inconvenient problem.




Hall Court Dressage offers part and full livery services.


Part livery includes one of the very spacious rubber matted stables in our large and airy American style barn, hay, straw, hardfeed and 5* care.  Horses at Hall Court are never just “numbers”, we get to know their personalities, quirks and preferences (and their owner’s too…).


The geldings are turned out together all day (nights in summer) all year on 20 acres allowing them to “speak horse”, but we also have individual paddocks available for mares and stallions.  Our 2 lovely ponies Willow and Spider are running the “companionship department” so no horse is ever isolated or lonely.  They are also available for occasional pony rides.


Full livery includes all of the above plus training.  If you send us a horse for training you can be as little or as much involved as you like.  Watch your horse working once a week or every day.  Ideally the rider is involved in the training which ensures a smooth transition on rider change, but either way the rider will receive regular updates and videos of the progress.



Check out the “Sales” page, Hall Court Dressage always has some lovely horses for sale which have all been started and produced slowly to make reliable and genuine competition and/or leisure partners. Mel has built up a good reputation for selling honest horses with nice temperament and still keeps in touch with most of her clients who regularly update her with their progress!



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