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I have only been training with Mel for 6 months but in this time she has completely transformed us. Having previously only evented, this season she was both a trainer and mentor to me in our first year BD to qualify for the regional's in only a few outings. This season we have consistently been placed BD with over 70% and scoring in the 20's with BE. It is not only the dressage that has improved too, Mel applies her inspirational knowledge to both my show jumping and cross country, so much so moving up a level to novice proved a very smooth transition. Mel is a very passionate trainer who gets really involved and above all else wants you to succeed just as much as you do yourself.
Sophie and Deej

My horse was declared dangerous, unrideable and for professional hands only back in Germany and I was advised to sell him, so I sent him to MDR Dressage. Mel amazed me with her way of communication, knowledge and commitment to treat every horse according to its individual personality.When you watch her work everything looks natural. Now Bruce and me are enjoying a true partnership again.
Catherine and Bruce

Mel has worked wonders for me and my horse. After a year of box rest we tried many different trainers and after reaching 'rock bottom' Mel has been the only person that was able to restore both my and my horse's confidence. An all round excellent trainer, highly recommended!
Kate and Wendo

Mel is an inspirational teacher.

Jenny and Glen

It was my immense good fortune to meet Mel a year ago at a time where my confidence and nerves were at an all-time low. Mel, with her tact and sensitivity to me as mature rider has gradually brought me back on track. I have a long way to go, but her boundless enthusiasm, understanding of equine and human psychology have been enormously helpful. I particularly enjoy the the careful explanations of how we train horses in a particular way, not only just how. This has been invaluable in enabling me to enjoy riding again. Mel is an inspiring teacher, and with her effervecent charm makes lessons a real pleasure. I hope we will have a long association together.
Wendy and Cobby

I have been training with Mel for the past 6 years and find her so inspirational, her passion for correct training is infectious and she makes you strive for success. She helped and supported me to take my thoroughbred to regional and national success. My current horse, warmblood gelding “Hullabalou” came to me as a hypersensitive soul, I did not know if he would ever cope with a competition environment as he was prone to bolting. This year we competed at the Area festival.
Mel has a clear and calm approach and she changed the way I think so I am able to be positive at home and at competitions. I have a fabulous partnership with Hullabalou and for that I can’t thank her enough.

Becky & Bumpy

When my horse and I arrived at MDR neither one of us had much confidence and I was apprehensive to get on board on a daily basis as he could be very unpredictable and explosive.
Mel took us under her wing and started us on groundwork. We rapidly progressed from there working on confidence and trust building.
Five months later Mel took us to our very first competition outing and we came 2nd!!
Without her help, patience and encyclopedic knowledge we would have never developed this far, let alone having as much as thought of going to a competition.

Tanja & Casper

Since I have been training with Mel my confidence has grown so much! She has taught me the reasons why we do what we do, which has increased my understanding about the horse’s mind and helped me to train my thoroughbred.
Chloe & Roko

Via word of mouth I rang Mel to discuss my young horse that had become very angry and unrideable with his previous professional rider and I was basically told that he needed a strong man on him. With this knowledge Mel took him on. Within a couple of weeks there were some remarkable changes for the better, 6 months or so down the road he has changed completely back to the horse I once knew. Mel is a remarkable trainer using horse psychology and always consistent training. I can completely understand why she gets the results she does. Mel fell in love with him and has now taken him on as a professional ride, competing him with excellent results. They will be ones to watch for in the future. An inspiration to all!
Aly & Bertie

My time training with Mel has been extremely beneficial with achievable goals each week to develop the relationship between my horse and me. I've seen a complete change in my horse’s attitude and my understanding of the aids as well as a widening of my knowledge of precision riding and the psychology of the horse lead directly to success at competitions.
Jaz & Bee

MDR offers a fabulous 5 star service with fantastic facilities, a very friendly yard with brilliant staff. Mel has really helped me and Monty progress and grow in confidence. We both feel very happy and comfortable at MDR dressage, the perfect yard for us!
Clare & Monty

When I first met Mel I never imagined I would be taking part in dressage competitions. I was just hoping to get a little control of a lively pony. From hopping around in circles with jess's nose in the air we are now competing at preliminary level and the scores are slowly improving. Mel gives up her own time to help at competitions, is encouraging, motivating and very very patient.:)
Gill and Jess

Melanie is a very knowledgeable and positive trainer who has brought me and my mare closer together after a rough start to the year. Angel was being brought back into work after an injury which was causing lots of problems. Having started from scratch with Mel’s sympathetic approach we have been able to go from strength to strength and even had success competing this year. After each session I have learnt something new and have gained more confidence to progress further. I would recommend her to any rider, whatever your goal, she will be able to help you!

Gabbi and Angel




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